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  • The basics pagecontains everything one needs to get going with webgen!
  • Descriptions for plugins can be found in the plugins section

Latest news

2007-12-31: Minor release with feature enhancements. More...

2007-09-08: Small bug fix release. More...

2007-06-29: Some bug fixes and one small feature enhancement. More...


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31.12.2007 – webgen 0.4.7

Minor release with feature enhancements:

08.09.2007 – webgen 0.4.6

This is a bug fix release:

  • fixed bug in handling of meta information in File/Pagehandler (thanks to Andrea Ferro)
  • fixed bug in handling of directory and file names with special characters (see Bug #13757)

29.06.2007 – webgen 0.4.5

This release contains some bug fixes:

  • a small bug fix for Tag/News – there have been some cases where loading the plugin lead to an error. This has been fixed now!
  • fixed a bug with file name resolution: filenames are now searched using a case insensitive search sothat, for example, images with an uppercase extension are processed correctly
  • fixed bug in File/ThumbnailWriter: no check was performed if a thumbnail for a given image already existed

One new feature: links can now be customized by providing a custom link renderer via the meta information link_callback – more information on the Meta Information Reference

20.05.2007 – webgen 0.4.4

Only a (very) small bug fix version due to Rubygems being case sensitive when it comes to gem names. This version fixes the installation problem with Rubygems! Everything else is identical to the 0.4.3 version!

19.05.2007 – webgen 0.4.3

I got mails about webgen not working with Ruby 1.8.6 on Windows anymore. It seems that a bug in the 1.8.6 release prevents webgen from correctly finding directories. However, this bug has already been fixed which means that webgen should work again with the next One-Click-Installer for Windows. Until then I recommend using webgen with the latest 1.8.5 version on Windows (I found that it is no problem to have two versions of Ruby installed on Windows using the One-Click-Installer).

And now on to the new features and other changes:

  • Updated exifr support to version 0.10 – versions lower than 0.10 are not supported anymore!
  • redcloth is now a dependency sothat all the examples and website templates really work out-of-the-box!
  • Removed website style plain due to incompatible license.
  • Added submitted plugin Tag/HtmlMetaInfo from Andrea Censi – thanks!
  • Added submitted plugin Tag/News from Jeremy Hinegardner – thanks!
  • Added submitted plugin ContentConverter/Maruku from Andrea Censi – thanks!

Closed bugs:

  • Page and template files can now be written using either Windows, Mac or Unix EOL encodings!
  • Fixed order of webgen data directory discovery – local data directories are preferred now!
  • File/TemplateHandler will not use the default metainfo from File/PageHandler anymore!

28.02.2007 – webgen 0.4.2

Another minor release which concentrates on fixing some bugs and adding some new features:

New features:

Closed bugs:

  • Specifying arguments to the run command to render only certain files now actually works! smiley ;-)
  • Fixed bug when loading site specific plugins: the use of load_plugin should now work correctly!
  • All website styles updated to behave correctly when File/DefaultHandler:linkToCurrentPage is false

Thanks for the many comments and suggestions since the last release, especially to Bill Paxton, Massimiliano Filacchioni, Erhard Karger, Alejandro Sierra, Fritz Heinrichmeyer and Vincent Fourmond!

12.01.2007 – webgen 0.4.1

A minor release with bug fixes and some small enhancements:

  • webgen Windows bug resolved: webgen now really runs on Windows – thanks for the fast feedback!
  • Rake task for running webgen – thanks to Jeremy Hinegardner for providing it!
  • Meta information template can now be set to nil to specify that no template should be used!
  • Small documentation updates – thanks to John Gabriel for pointing out some flaws!

05.01.2007 – webgen 0.4.0

This is a major release with many updates to the webgen core, the plugins and the documentation. Plugins written for prior version won’t work with this one anymore. However, changing them to work again is easy. As an upgrade guide is currently not available have a look at webgen plugins and the API documentation to see how to do upgrade plugins.

Major changes:

  • New website layout smiley :-)
  • webgen now includes many website styles which can be used out of the box!
  • Template files have the same format as page files now and can be nested!
  • Speed-up through caching of node information
  • New and cool gallery style
  • New content converter plugin (ContentConverter/XmlBuilder)
  • New plugin for syntax highlighting (Misc/SyntaxHighlighter)
  • Many changes to the core (plugin system revised, webgen can now be used from other Ruby applications directly, faster node resolution, hooks are now spelled with only lowercase letters, ...)
  • Structure of meta information blocks changed
  • New meta information linkAttrs for setting additional attributes on links
  • Handling and structure of meta information backing file changed
  • Evaluation of page files changed (first converted to HTML, then ERB, then webgen tags)
  • “Static” menus now available
  • New sub-commands for the webgen command
  • Gallery editor application deprecated.
  • Many tests have been added.
  • Documentation on the homepage as well as the API documentation is now more complete
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Many other changes

For detailed information have a look at the ChangeLog file included in the webgen distribution!

Upcoming features:

  • More documentation
  • Blogging plugins
  • RSS generation plugins

29.12.2005 – webgen 0.3.8

Bug fix release

27.11.2005 – webgen 0.3.7

Major changes:

  • Now using cmdparse version 2.0.0!
  • Attention: For unified naming in reference to image galleries, I have removed all occurences of the word “picture” from the code and documentation and replaced it with “image”. Therefore you may need to adapt your code, especially custom gallery layouters!
  • Attention: Many documentation and library files have been renamed for better consistency! Custom plugins may have to be adapted!
  • New application for managing image galleries (only alpha quality currently!)
  • Smileys are now optionally replaced with emoticons (smiley :-) smiley ;-) smiley :'-( smiley 8-), several different emoticon packs available) -> see Misc/SmileyReplacer
  • Site specific commands (used in command line processing) can now be used
  • New plugin Tag/Download for nice download links
  • New parameters: PageFileHandler:defaultPageMetaData, SitemapTag:honorInMenu
  • Removed parameters: PageFileHandler:useERB, PageFileHandler:defaultContentFormat
  • Renamed tag navbar to breadcrumbTrail
  • Images in image galleries can now be ordered by specifying the orderInfo meta information
  • The use of directory index files is now optional: by setting the parameter File/DirectoryHandler:indexFile to nil directory index files are not used
  • Languages can now be specified using 2-char ISO-639-1 codes or 3-char ISO-639-2 codes
  • Now there is a link (next to the wiki link) to the source of each page unless the page was programmatically generated.

24.06.2005 – webgen 0.3.5

Major changes:

  • Now using cmdparse version 1.0.3!
  • New CLI command “clean” for deleting the generated or all files from the output directory
  • Restructured menu tag -> five different menu styles now available (see MenuStyle)
  • New plugin Core/ResourceManager for defining resources
  • New plugin Tag/Resource for accessing resources
  • Pages files can now be referenced in relocatable tag and backing files with a standardified name, despite an eventually self defined naming scheme
  • New parameters: LangbarTag:showOwnLang
  • Changed paramters: PageFileHandler:validator (now deactivated by default)
  • Fixed bugs

12.05.2005 – webgen 0.3.4

Major changes:

  • FileHandler now uses path patterns and/or extensions for determining which files to process !
  • ERB (embedded ruby) can now be used in templates and page files !
  • Relocatable tag now accepts complex URIs (URIs with query and fragment part, absolute URIs)
  • Changed meta info name menuOrder to orderInfo (e.g. used for specifying order information for menus)—you have to adapt your page and backing files!!!
  • New parameters: PageFileHandler:useERB
  • Changed parameters: FileHandler:ignorePaths, CopyFileHandler:paths
  • New page describing meta information items used by plugins
  • Fixed bugs

21.04.2005 – webgen 0.3.3

Major changes:

  • New command line interface based on CommandParser
  • Now you can let webgen create the basic directories and files by executing webgen create my_site
  • New logging plugin lets you have more control over logging and log files
  • Now each website can have a plugin directory
  • New parameters for: Tag/WikiLink
  • Changed format of backing files -> have a look at the documentation
  • Removed obsolete Extension Loader plugin
  • Fixed bugs

17.03.2005 – webgen 0.3.2

Bug fix release for bug #1637 and other bugs

16.03.2005 – webgen 0.3.1

Major changes:

  • Better DefaultLayouter for image galleries
  • Output names for page files now customizable (see File/PageHandler)
  • On-the-fly creation of thumbnails for images with RMagick
  • New tags: Tag/Sitemap
  • Tag lang renamed, new name langbar!
  • New parameters for menu tag
  • Automatic checking of HTML files on their validness
  • Fixed bugs

21.02.2005 – webgen 0.3.0

Major changes:

  • Textile, Markdown, RDOC and HTML as content format supported!!!
  • New tags: Tag/WikiLink
  • Improved plugin system
  • On-the-fly creation of new tags
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved online documentation: pages on file handlers and tags now show parameters and other additional info
  • Added comprehensive test suite
  • and more…