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  • The basics pagecontains everything one needs to get going with webgen!
  • Descriptions for plugins can be found in the plugins section

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2007-12-31: Minor release with feature enhancements. More...

2007-09-08: Small bug fix release. More...

2007-06-29: Some bug fixes and one small feature enhancement. More...


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About webgen

webgen is used to generate web pages from page and template files. You create one or more template files in which you define the layout of your page and where the content should go. After that you create page files in which you only define the content.

When webgen is run it combines the template with each of the page files and generates the HTML output files. During this process special tags are substituted so that, for example, a menu is generated. Actually, this website was generated with webgen and, for example, the menu that you can see was created dynamically. For more information look at the documentation!

This whole site was generated with webgen and provides an online demonstration of its features. Choose from the menu what you want to see from or know about webgen!

If you have an idea for a new feature, request it!. If you have found a bug, you can report it here! Also, there are forums and a mailing list available if you have any questions!