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  • The basics pagecontains everything one needs to get going with webgen!
  • Descriptions for plugins can be found in the plugins section

Latest news

2007-12-31: Minor release with feature enhancements. More...

2007-09-08: Small bug fix release. More...

2007-06-29: Some bug fixes and one small feature enhancement. More...


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Milestone: Dez07

Due on: 2007-12-31

2 out of 2 tickets (= 100.00%) closed (including tickets in sub milestones)

Bug fixes and small enhancements

Tickets directly assigned to milestone (show/hide):

Milestone: Jun07

Due on: 2007-06-30

2 out of 2 tickets (= 100.00%) closed (including tickets in sub milestones)

Bug fixes

Tickets directly assigned to milestone (show/hide):

Milestone: Apr07

Due on: 2007-04-30

7 out of 7 tickets (= 100.00%) closed (including tickets in sub milestones)

Bug fixes and small enhancements

Detailed description:

  • include submitted plugins
  • fix issues that have arisen since the last release

This release gets a little bit delayed since I do not have enough time in April, will be released in May!

Tickets directly assigned to milestone (show/hide):

Milestone: Feb07

Due on: 2007-02-28

12 out of 12 tickets (= 100.00%) closed (including tickets in sub milestones)

Bug fixes and small enhancements

Detailed description:

  • include patches/requests created since 0.4.1 release
  • add support for sipttra (Simple Plain Text Tracker) files

Tickets directly assigned to milestone (show/hide):

Milestone: F

No due date

4 out of 4 tickets (= 100.00%) closed (including tickets in sub milestones)

Ideas and todo items for future versions

Detailed description:

This milestone holds all ideas/todo items/requests which are implemented some time in the future.

Tickets directly assigned to milestone (show/hide):


Category: Implementation

NameDue DateBelongs ToTextType
T003 F (details) add additional tests for sipttra implementation

done in the next major version of webgen 0.5.0

T023 F (details) Add the possibility to add a prefix to webgen tags

If the prefix is wg then a tag should look like {wg:menu:} or {wg:relocatable: default.css} this is available in the next major version 0.5.0

T002 F (details) add localization support for all files

See also FR#7891 This is available in the next major version 0.5.0

T004 Feb07 (details) use HTML as default format for templates

See also FR#7893

T006 Feb07 (details) add parameter for not showing index files in breadcrumb trail

See also PATCH#7942

T007 Feb07 implement a plugin for storing/accessing global variables closed
T001 Feb07 add support for sipttra files closed
T017 Apr07 (details) add the parameters from MenuStyle/Vertical to MenuStyle/Horizontal

added @startLevel@ and @maxLevels@ parameters to MenuStyle/Horizontal - the other parameters from MenuStyle/Vertical aren't useful for MenuStyle/Horizontal

T018 Apr07 (details) add the submitted plugins from Andrea Censi and Jeremy Hinegardner

Also see FR#9707, Added Tag/HtmlMetaInfo from Andrea Censi, Tag/News from Jeremy Hinegardner, ContentConverter/Maruku from Andrea Censi


Category: Bugs

NameDue DateBelongs ToTextType
T026 Dez07 (details) make Core/FileHandler aware of hidden files

use a parameter to enable usage of hidden files or enable it by default

now using a parameter Core/FileHandler:useHiddenFiles which is false by default

T027 Dez07 (details) make gallery file handler multi-lingual aware

see mail exchange with Phil Hughes

T005 Feb07 (details) check all styles for correctly selected menu items

style issues because of new span element when File/DefaultHandler:linkToCurrentPage is false

T009 Feb07 PluginManager#init: log typo for "creating plugin of class..." closed
T012 Feb07 (details) update copyright notices for included website templates

See also Bug#8725

T008 Feb07 (details) PluginLoader shouldn't load plugins that are already loaded in the DEFAULT_WRAPPER_MODULE

When site plugins use the load_plugin command to load plugins that are shipped with webgen and loaded by default, some plugins don't work correctly as plugin classes get defined twice with different oids.

T013 Feb07 (details) fix TreeWalker

Make TreeWalker work as in 0.3.8 again, name it 'Misc/TreeWalker' and call it after building and before writing tree

T016 Apr07 (details) fix order of data directory discovery

webgen searches now for a local directory first, then for a global one

T020 Apr07 File/TemplateHandler should not use the default metainfo from File/PageHandler closed
T022 Apr07 Remove plain website style due to incompatible license closed
T021 Apr07 (details) Problem with templates/example sites not working out of the box due to missing Textile support


  • Update templates to not use Textile sothat they work out of the box or
  • include redcloth as dependency

Since not using Textile makes the templates/examples not very 'nice' to view, redcloth is now a dependency of webgen.

T019 Apr07 (details) normalize EOL encoding to \n so that page files with any EOL encoding work properly

\r and \r\n are now converted to \n sothat the $ operator for regular expressions works correctly

T024 Jun07 (details) bug in gallery generation when images have upper case extensions

Also see FR#10736

T025 Jun07 (details) multiple thumbnails are created when running the demo photo gallery

for images that are used by two different image galleries


Category: Documentation

NameDue DateBelongs ToTextType
T014 F (details) add plugin developer documentation
  • document how to write various plugins (file handler, tag, CLI command, ...)
  • caveat when using classes in modules --> done in version 0.5.0
T010 Feb07 (details) add some example sites

It was requested that one should be able to download some zipped examples sites from the examples section showing basic use cases for webgen.

T011 Feb07 add example section for sipttra style files closed
T015 Feb07 add a resource reference page with the table of resources closed