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  • The basics pagecontains everything one needs to get going with webgen!
  • Descriptions for plugins can be found in the plugins section

Latest news

2007-12-31: Minor release with feature enhancements. More...

2007-09-08: Small bug fix release. More...

2007-06-29: Some bug fixes and one small feature enhancement. More...


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Feature list

  • webgen core

    • Easily extendable through plugins
    • Easy to install and use
    • Easy to configure if one needs to (no need if you are happy with the default values)
    • Command line interface uses command style syntax (like Subversion’s svn command)
    • Fast
  • File Handler (for handling the files in the source directory)

    • Powerful file copy handler for copying single files or entire directories to the output directory
    • Support for image galleries -> generates entire image galleries, with automatic thumbnail creation
    • ... and much more (see File)!
  • Page Files (for defining web pages)

    • Support for ERB (embedded Ruby) in page files and in templates
    • Support for nested templates
    • Supports several different content formats (Textile, Markdown, RDOC, xml builder, plain HTML), new ones are easy to add
    • Support for specifying meta information (e.g. title, menu ordering information, ...)
    • ... also see File/PageHandler!
  • Tags (used for easily adding dynamic content to web pages)

    • Standard distribution provides often used tags
    • Menu tag can generate different types of menus (simple menus and ones with CSS drop downs)
    • Breadcrumb trail tag generates a breadcrumb trail so that one always knows where he is in the hierarchy
    • Relocatable tag for automatically generating correct relative paths to files
    • ... and much more (see Tag)!
  • Other Features

    • Automatically checks generated files if they are standard conform (see HtmlValidator)
    • Supports ‘virtual files/directories’ via meta information backing files
    • Support for automatic smiley replacement with emoticons(smiley :-) – see Misc/SmileyReplacer)