SummaryCreates the needed output directories from the source directories
Short namedirectory
Path patterns defined
via /default.metainfo
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::PathHandler::Directory


This path handler is used for directories, i.e. it creates the destination directories.


No special setup is required for this handler to work.

Directory Index Path

However, it is possible to specify an index path for a directory which is used instead of the plain directory index for displaying purposes. This means that whenever the path to a directory is requested (e.g. when using the tag relocatable), it is replaced with the path to the directory index.

The name of this index path is specified with the  proxy_path meta information (which needs to be set on the directory itself by using a meta info file, see path handler meta_info). The default value that is set on all directories via the /default.metainfo path is index.html.

Since this default value is set on all directories, webgen shows a warning if it can not find the directory index path for a directory. However, there are most certainly directories which should not have or don’t need an index path, for example, a directory containing images. To prevent webgen from displaying warnings for such directories, you can set a null index path:

  proxy_path: null

This will prevent webgen from showing warnings because you explicitly define a null index path.

Localizing Directory Titles

The title for a directory can be set via the  title meta information on the directory itself. However, if the directory has an index path, the  routed_title meta information of the index path is used for the directory title. This enables webgen to provide correctly localized directory names.