These extensions are used for handling source paths. They read the content of a path and produce one or more nodes (the internal representation of a destination path, also see the nodes section in the manual for more information on nodes).

A path handler can do something simple like just copying a source path to the destination path but they can also do complex things like creating a whole API documentation tree from just one source path.

The path patterns (see the path pattern documentation for more information) which match the source paths that a path handler uses, are listed on the description page of each source handler. Additionally, the meta information that is set on any node created by a specific path handler is also documented.

Information about how to create a path handler is found in the Webgen::PathHandler API documentation.

List of Path Handler Extensions

Creates Ruby API documentation pages via RDoc
Copies files from the source to the destination directory, optionally processing them with one or more content processors
Creates the needed output directories from the source directories
Automatically generates atom or RSS feeds for a set of files
Provides the ability to set meta information for any path or node
Generates HTML files from page files
Generates a sitemap file
Handles template files for layouting page and other template files
Creates nodes for additional, virtual paths