SummaryMakes the given path relative to the generated page
Tag namesrelocatable, r
Configuration prefixtag.relocatable
Mandatory options  tag.relocatable.path
Used options  tag.relocatable.path
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::Tag::Relocatable


This tag ensures that the relative path to the specified path is always correct. This allows, for example, the preview of the website without a web server.


Note that this tag can only be used with paths (either (A)(L)CNs or destination paths) that are known to webgen. A virtual node needs to be created for paths that are not normally handled by webgen.

When this tag is used, it changes the directory part of the supplied path name to a relative path to the destination. If the path is an absolute URL, i.e. one prefixed with “http://” or “ftp://” or something like that, it is not changed.

If an URL fragment is specified, this fragment also has to exist in the node tree except if the  tag.relocatable.ignore_unknown_fragment configuration option is set. Another way to ignore an URL fragment is to specify it directly after the tag!

A relocatable tag looks like this: {relocatable: default.css}. If this was put into a template and the template was used by a file in a sub-directory, then this tag would put ../default.css into the output file; thus ensuring that the relative path to file is valid.


{relocatable: /css/design.css}
{relocatable: ../}
{r: /}