class Webgen::Error

This error class and its descendants are only used in webgen when user-visible errors need to be created. For example, when the format of the configuration is not valid. Use the built-in Ruby error classes for all other error situations!



The location where the error happened (this can be set to a file name, a class name, …).


Contains the path name if the error is related to a specific source or destination path,

Public Class Methods


Return the file name where the error occured.


Return the error line by inspecting the backtrace of the given error instance.

new(msg_or_error, location = nil, path = nil)

Create a new Error object.

If msg_or_error is a String, it is treated as the error message. If it is an exception, the exception is wrapped. The location parameter can be used to further describe where the error happened and the path parameter can be used to associate a source or destination path with the error.

Calls superclass method