module Webgen::Context::Nodes

Provides quick access to special nodes of the node chain of a context object.

Public Instance Methods


Return the node that is ultimately rendered.

This node should be used, for example, for retrieving meta information.

Also aliased as: node

Return the node which represents the file into which everything gets rendered.

This is normally the same node as content_node but can differ in special cases. For example, when rendering the content of node called '' into the output of the node '', '' would be the dest_node and '' would be the content_node.

The dest_node is not included in the chain but can be set via the option :dest_node!

The returned node should be used as source node for calculating relative paths to other nodes.

Alias for: content_node

Return the reference node, ie. the node which provided the original content for this context object.

The returned node should be used, for example, for resolving relative paths.