module Webgen::Context::Rendering

Provides methods for rendering page blocks.

Public Instance Methods

render_block(:name => block_name, :option → value, ...)

Render the named block and return the result.

This method uses the functionality of Webgen::ContentProcessor::Blocks for doing the actual work, so you may also want to look at Webgen::ContentProcessor::Blocks.render_block. You can call this method in two ways:


Renders the block named block_name of the next node in the current node chain. This is the version that most want to use since it is equivalent to the use of '<webgen:block name=“block_name” />'. It is also equivalent to '#render_block(:name => block_name)'.


This version allows the same level of control over the output as the blocks content processor. For a list of valid options have a look at the documentation of the Webgen::ContentProcessor::Blocks.render_block method!