SummaryFast superset-of-Markdown to HTML converter
Short namekramdown
Content typetext
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::ContentProcessor::Kramdown


This processor converts the content, which is assumed to be in the Markdown super-set format kramdown, to HTML by using the kramdown library.

The kramdown format is basically Markdown with some extensions like automatic header ID generation, fenced code blocks, definition lists and much more. There are a quick reference and a detailed syntax documentation available on the kramdown homepage.

kramdown is the default markup content processor for webgen as its markup syntax is easy to learn and nice to look at. Give it a try!


This processor is intended to be used in the processing pipeline of page files. It is automatically used by default, if you don’t change anything.

Furthermore, the processor can be customized by using the following configuration options:

If “true” (the default), then all link URLs created via kramdown syntax are automatically run through the tag relocatable. This avoids using this tag explicitly but ensures valid links nonetheless.
This configuration option can be used to configure the kramdown library itself. Have a look at the kramdown homepage for available options.

The link_definitions extension is automatically used. This allows one to globally define link names which can be used in any kramdown document later!


Here is a short sample of a text in kramdown markup:

# This a h1 header

## Another header

You can just write *your* paragraphs here and
[link][1] them below. This is **nice** format!

> Citations are easy too.
> Really. And you can assign attributes.

* Lists
* aren't
* difficult
* either.


When processed by this processor, the output would look like this:

<h1 id="myid">This a h1 header</h1>

<h2 id="another-header">Another header</h2>

<p>You can just write <em>your</em> paragraphs here and
<a href="">link</a> them below. This is <strong>nice</strong> format!</p>

<blockquote class="information">
  <p>Citations are easy too.
Really. And you can assign attributes.</p>