webgen static website generation made easy

… is a free, fast, powerful and extensible static website generator. Create a (or re-use an existing) website template, add a bunch of content files (in plain HTML or any markup language), throw in some assets and let webgen do the rest!

gem install webgen

Latest webgen version 1.7.2 released on 2021-03-07


Generates a self-contained static website, i.e. all generated links are relative and no server is needed for viewing the website!

Any Markup

HTML, Haml, ERB, CSS, Sass, Markdown, Textile, RDoc, … – use the markup/template engine/CSS language you like!

Built-in Helpers

With tools to automatically generate menus, breadcrumb trails, news feeds and more, you can concentrate on writing content!


Partial website re-generation (only modified items get re-generated) saves you time when you work on your website, the generated static website saves your user’s and server’s time!


All major components can be extended with new functionality and existing functionality can be replaced.

Support webgen

You like webgen and would like to support it? One way to do so is by making a donation via PayPal - it will surely be appreciated.


Installation is as easy as gem install webgen but if you need detailed instructions for all operating systems look at the installation page.

Getting Started

After you have installed webgen, have a look at the Getting Started Guide to see how webgen works and how to create a basic website.