SummaryDisplays a list of links to translations of the content page
Tag nameslangbar
Configuration prefixtag.langbar
Used options  tag.langbar.separator
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::Tag::Langbar


This tag is used to display a list of links to translations of the current page using the language codes as link texts.


When having more than one language version of a page, this tag is useful for showing links to these other versions of the page. The behavior of this tag can be configured via the available configuration options, see above.

If you want to generate different HTML code, you will need to create a custom template and use the  tag.langbar.template option (see the general tags documentation for more information).

When using the default template, the CSS class “webgen-langbar-current-lang” is assigned to the HTML tag for the currently selected language.

When using the content processor html_head, links to translations of a page are also automatically added to the HTML <head> element.


Note: This page has a german dummy translation to show off the tag.

{langbar: {separator: ' --- '}}
{langbar: {show_own_lang: false}}