SummaryUses the xmllint program to check the content for well-formedness and/or validness
Short namexmllint
Content typetext
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::ContentProcessor::Xmllint


This content processor uses the xmllint program from the “libxml2” package to check the input for well-formedness and/or validness. xmllint can validate an XML (and therefore an XHTML) file against a DTD, a RelaxNG schema or a WXS schema. For more information about where to put the DTD or schema files, have a look at the libxml2 documentation.


This content processor should be used at the end of a processing pipeline of a template file after the XHTML document is completely generated. It takes the content and feeds it to the xmllint program which checks it according to the set options.

The configuration option  content_processor.xmllint.options can be used to change the default command line options that are used for the xmllint program.