SummaryConverts content written in RDoc markup to HTML
Short namerdoc
Content typetext
Extension mapping{"rdoc"=>"html"}
Provided by bundlebuilt-in
API docWebgen::ContentProcessor::RDoc


This content processors converts content written in the RDoc markup (the default documentation format for Ruby source files) to HTML.


This processor is intended to be used in the processing pipeline of page files.

Have a look at the RDoc reference for more information on the supported markup!


Here is a short sample of a text in RDoc markup:

= This a h1 header

You can just write *your* paragraphs here and link[] them below.
This is also a _nice_ format!

* Lists
* aren't
* difficult
* either.

When processed by this processor, the output would look like this:

<h1 id="label-This+a+h1+header">This a h1 header<span><a href="#label-This+a+h1+header">&para;</a> <a href="#top">&uarr;</a></span></h1>

<p>You can just write <strong>your</strong> paragraphs here and <a href="">link</a> them below. This is also a <em>nice</em> format!</p>